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Directions and Parking Regulations


Unfortunately, parking for visitors is not available on temple property. Please do not park behind the temple or in the temple driveway. Parking in front of the temple is illegal and strictly prohibited.

You may stop in front of the temple, on the patch of grass in between the road and the sidewalk, in order to drop off passengers. You may not leave your car there unattended.

Never park in front of the neighbor’s house or in the neighbor’s driveway, even for loading or unloading passengers. Our neighbors have lost their patience in dealing with our difficult parking situation. If anyone parks on their property, they will immediately call the police.

There is plenty of parking available within walking distance of the temple. The two closest and most accessible options are as follows:

If you are headed south down Main Street toward downtown East Hartford with the temple on the right, continue a few hundred yards until you come to Floradale Drive on your right. Parking is available on either side of this street.

Alternately, McKee Street is directly opposite the temple, perpendicular to Main Street. If you turn onto McKee Street from Main Street, you can park on the left hand side of the street. There is a sign near the end of McKee Street, just before the fire hydrant near Main Street that clearly states: “NO PARKING HERE TO CORNER.” Do not park beyond this sign.

Please, do not block anyone’s driveway. This seems self-explanatory, but we have already received several complaints from various neighbors about this particular problem. Also, do not park in front of fire hydrants, or too close to the corner of Main Street. Both are illegal.


If you are south of East Hartford:

  • Take I-91 North to Exit 29 (I-84 East).
  • Get off first exit, Exit 90 (Route 5 North - Main Street).
  • At end of exit turn left.
  • Go exactly 2 miles.
  • The temple is the yellow house on the left.

If you are north of East Hartford:

  • Take I-91 South to Exit 35-A (291 East).
  • Get off at Exit 4 (Route 5).
  • At end of exit turn right.
  • Go 1.8 miles and pass 5 lights.
  • The temple is the yellow house on the right just before the 6th light.

If you are east of East Hartford:

  • Take I-84 West to Exit 61 (291 West).
  • Get off first exit, Exit 4 (Route 5).
  • At end of exit turn right.
  • Go 1.9 miles and pass 6 lights.
  • The temple is the yellow house on the right just before the7th light.

If you are west of East Hartford:

  • Take Exit 56 (Governor St.) off I-84 (this exit is on the left).
  • At the end of the exit, turn right.
  • At the first light, turn left and go pass 3 stop signs.
  • At first light, turn left.
  • The temple is the yellow house on the left just pass the next light.


  • If you would like more detailed directions, please call us: (860) 289-7252.
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