About The Temple

There has been a Hare Krishna Temple located in East Hartford, Connecticut since late 1976, when a small building was being rented on Silver Lane.

Seeing the potential for spreading Krishna Consciousness in the region, a building located at 1683 Main Street, East Hartford was purchased in February, 1980.

Soon thereafter, this building gradually established its permanence as an official ISKCON center when the current Temple President, Pyari Mohan dasa, came in 1981 to become the leader. Later that same year, Pyari Mohan decided to marry and was joined by his wife, Jivanausadhi devi dasi shortly after their marriage. Both of them have been serving as the senior leaders of the Hartford Krishna Conscious Community ever since.

The presiding Deities of our East Hartford Temple, Lord Jagannatha, Lord Balarama and Lady Subhadra and Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, also manifested Themselves in East Hartford about thirty years ago. By Their blessings and the strong and steady desire of Pyari Mohan dasa, Jivanausadhi devi dasi and many dedicated congregational members, a new building at 40 Naubuc Avenue, in Glastonbury, CT was secured in April, 2017 after a decade-long search began for a building which could accommodate the ever-growing congregation.

Currently, as of December, 2017, all Sunday programs and festivals are being conducted in the Glastonbury building. The presiding Deities will remain and are being worshipped in East Hartford while the Glastonbury building is being upgraded and prepared to receive Them

Hare Krishna